A Dream Come True

Circumnavigating Taiwan via Bicycle

by Dudley Henderson (Aug 4-11, 2012)

Day 2 Manjhou ~ Taimali

The route out of Manjhou takes Highway 200 that runs north with moderate climbs then descends to the East coast where it meets old Highway 26. It was neat to be able to ride along that portion of the old highway. Too bad most of it is closed. Along 26 are neat fishing villages and beautiful ocean views. At what looked like a junction in the highway I noticed a gate with a small building. In front of the building was a drink machine, so naturally I stopped hoping to get a full supply of water. An armed guard met me immediately. Seems I had found an entrance to a remote military installation.

The Route


Early morning departure out of Manjhou and Hotel 168


In the mountains headed North


Always a beautiful place to stop for a break

IMG8376 IMG8377

Highway 26 North along the Southeast Coast


Fishing village along Highway 26


Highway 26

After going as far north as possible on 26 I turned west on Alternate Highway 199 which goes several kilometers and meets Highway 199 that goes due north and meets the East-West Highway 9. But, before leaving 26 I was stopped trying to enter a military area. All I wanted was a cold drink from a cooler standing besides a small building.

IMG8379 IMG8380

Very polite young man. He let me take his picture and he took mine, but we had to take the pictures away from the military installation. He spoke excellent English and I was pleased to find that his hometown is very near my home.

Turning north on 199 is the beginning of a tough climb. Unfortunately my camera which had been around for years and was used by my wife, Mona, to take hundreds of pictures off the back of our Goldwing motorcycle as we toured the USA suddenly died. If it had to die this was a good place. I would not be in a picture taking mood while climbing 500 meters to Highway 9. I did manage to get a couple of pictures before it died.

IMG8382 IMG8383

And only a couple

Forget the camera! Who wants to stop and take pictures after climbing 500 meters and suddenly on a highway that descends back to the seacoast? Wow, what a ride. I could keep up with the tour buses. I think I actually left one behind. It was worth the climb. The camera, amazingly I would be able to buy a new one in the small town of Taimali. In fact there was a 3C right across from my hotel. The day ended well!


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