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Five Days Around Taiwan, & Su'ao Highway, July 2016  

July 2016 we drove around the island of Taiwan.  Bikes went on top of the car and we did rides in Dulan, Hualien and Taipei.  The most exciting part of the trip was driving the Su'ao highway.  I had always wanted to ride the Su'ao on a bicycle, but after the car ride, I probably do not have the same desire.

Bike Taitung with Nathan & Grace, September 2016

September 2016 we traveled by train to Taitung on the east cost with Taiwanese friends Grace and Nathan.  We had planned to ride around Taitung for 3 days, but the trip was cut to 2 days as a typhoon was bearing down on Taiwan.  We all attend Bilingual Community Church and have great fellowship and fun together.

Trip to East Coast with Jim, Sasha & Family

Jim and Dudley took the train with bikes to Taitung about 10am.  Rode from Taitung train station to Changbin same day.  The next we rode Hua 64 across the mountains to the East Rift Valley, headed north and to Alt 11 back across mountains to Fengbin.  Very hot and hard ride through the mountains, but fun!  Dudley ended up going to hospital for IV to relieve cramps.

Great Memories from the 90's

1994 family video with the highlight of seeing Renee' and Trey as 2 year olds.  Brings back some very good memories!

Visit Colorado September 2012

Visit Cathy and Jamie Hurst in Estes Park, Colorado, September 2012

Malaysia 2001 Part 1     Malaysia 2001 Part 2     Malaysia 2001 Part 3

Family time in Penang, Malaysia in 3 parts.  A great time when our kids were all in Penang, Malaysia serving at Dalat School where both Keith and Trena attended high school while we were in Nepal.